Academic Transcripts

Transcript Services 

For most year and semester abroad programs, transcripts are issued from the in-country host university. These universities are accredited through their respective governments. Transcripts arrive in our Colorado office approximately 4-8 weeks after the last day of the end of term. If the student’s account is paid-in-full the transcript will be forwarded on to the appropriate person listed in our database to receive the transcript. A copy of the transcript will also be sent on to the student for their records.

Internship students who participate in the 10 week program will earn 6 internship credits (INT490) on a Chapman University transcript. Graduate level credit (INT590) is also available for qualified students. Once the transcript arrives from Chapman in our Colorado office they will be processed like our semester and year abroad programs.

Summer and January short course program participants will receive either a transcript or a certificate of completion depending upon which program they choose. Students who participate in a university program will receive a transcript from that university overseas and the transcript will be processed like the semester and year long programs.  Check out our summer programs page to determine which method of credit will be issued.

Students should seek transfer credit approval from their home campus prior to accepting a place on any of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad's programs as home universities reserve the right to award credit into degree programs. All transcripts come with a grading conversion scale based on American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) standards.

An updated record of when transcripts have been sent from our office can be found in the Alumni Section of the website.