How GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is Different

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It does matter who your group goes with

There are many choices available for customized programs for higher education institutions, ranging from other international education organizations like GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, local travel agencies, and tour operators.

It’s important for any program leader to research options and decide what is best for their program. Travel agencies and tour operators are just that – they can program an itinerary, provide a guide and a bus, describe the sights you are seeing, but that is about it. 

However by running your program with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad there are some distinct advantages:
  • We are not a travel agency or tour company – we are an academic-focused education organization.
  • For over 20 years we have specialized in strong academic programming via study abroad experiences for students, working closely with overseas universities and international offices and faculty.
  • We can get your group access to the academic components that are so necessary to make a customized program successful, such as our network of over 30 university partners, such as meetings with university professors and staff, site visit to specific academic departments, and, depending on the time of year, on-campus university housing.
  • Because of our experience and expertise, we have plenty relationships with local tour operators, transportation providers, airlines, universities and subject-specific experts that travel companies based in North America or other parts of the world simply cannot match.

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To get more information, ask questions and start developing your customized program, contact Steve Luther at, or via toll-free phone in our Colorado headquarters at 800-980-0033, extension 114.