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Building on the long and successful history of our custom specialty programs in the Pacific Region, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad offers several different types of customized programs to meet the needs of the education abroad office, faculty departments, and students. We offer customize programs in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, plus greater China (including Hong Kong) and Spain. Read more below or download our Custom Progams brochure

Custom Faculty-Led Short Courses

Popular Faculty-Led Short Courses

Custom Designed Internship Programs

Custom Semester Abroad Models

Custom Faculty-Led Short Courses

Available in: Pacific Region - Australia, New Zealand, Fiji; Asia - Greater China (including Hong Kong); Spain

We are a long-established leader in designing specialized faculty-led short courses abroad to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, and are local, on-site experts in our destinations. GlobaLinks Learning Abroad can design and implement a program of any duration from one week to a full semester at typically less cost, and significantly less difficulty, than you can do on your own from a distance.

We are offer faculty-led experiences in any academic discipline. Programs can be a length of your choosing and can be academic in nature with a taught component abroad, or more cultural in nature with touring, guest speakers, and industry site visits built in, or a mixture of both.

Now with our partnership with ISA we offer an even wider variety of short course programs that you can fully customize and desgin with the help of our staff.

For more information about these programs, contact Lauren Alexander, Associate VP Custom Programs, or 800-980-0033 ext 132.


Popular Faculty-Led Short Course Programs Offered by GlobaLinks Learning Abroad - Australia or New Zealand

In addition to our custom designed specialty programs, where we can tailor a program to the specific needs and interests of your university and faculty, we also offer a variety of faculty-led summer, winter or spring break study abroad programs in the following popular academic areas.

These programs have been developed so faculty can immediately and easily plug into these programs, either exactly as seen or with the ability to change or customize them too.

With over 20 years of experience in the Pacific Region, our team has taken the “best of the best” of faculty-led programs we have run in that timespan to bring your institution an easy, affordable, dynamic program that will enable your faculty and their students to gain an international perspective in their field, chock full of cultural activities and professional and academic content in some very amazing places in Australia and New Zealand.

The programs are:

The Global Sport Experience – Australia or New Zealand

Appropriate for faculty and students in Sport Management and Business, Kinesiology, Athletic Training, Human Performance and related areas

Tropical Biology and Ecosystems – Australia

Appropriate for faculty and students in Biology, Ecology, Ecosystems, the Environment and related areas

Our Fragile Planet: The Environment and Outdoors - New Zealand

Appropriate for faculty and students in Environmental Science/Studies, Outdoor Education, Recreation and Leisure, and related areas

Hospitality and Tourism Behind the Scenes – Australia

Appropriate for faculty and students in Hospitality, Hotel and Institutional Management, Tourism, Ecotourism, Event Management and related areas

Our Sustainable World - Global Engineering Practices in Australia

Appropriate for faculty and students in Engineering, Sustainability, Construction Management, Architecture, Built Environment and related areas

Perspectives on International Business Marketing - Australia

Appropriate for faculty and students in Business Administration, Marketing, Commerce, International Business and related areas

In search of a faculty-led program that is in another academic area? Our Custom Faculty-Led Short Courses can help you with most any academic major, field, or discipline.

For more information about custom faculty-led short course programs, contact Steve Luther by email at or via phone at 1-800-980-0033, extension 114.


University Group Internship Programs

Available in: Australia; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Valencia, Spain; Santiago, Chile; and London, England

We understand that internship requirements vary at each institution and in each academic department and that in many cases pre-set internship models will not accommodate specific needs.  For these institutions and departments, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad creates custom group academic focused internship programs.

Our pre-set  internship programs are comprehensive professional development opportunities that feature the right partners and internship sites, full-time staff support, on-site Resident Directors, and a well-planned orientation and pre-departure preparation. Our established internship placements are well above entry-level work with a focus on serving the student’s academic and career interests.  We seek to foster academic, personal, and professional goals and learning objectives from the application stage through re-entry. These internships are offered for academic credit through Chapman University and include in-country academic mentorship through our Academic Assessment Coordinator.

Your Custom University Group Internship Program will be a combination of  the same high quality services and internship program standards highlighted above and your specific program requirements. A Custom University Group Internship Program also gives your institution the opportunity for program ownership and allows for special billing and financial aid use. 

There are multiple ways we can facilitate your custom program:

  • You can opt for a program focused on a specific major or you can allow for enrollment across all studies.
  • You can choose to utilize one of our existing pre-set models, but add in extra services for your students and facilitate the academic credit through your institution. 
  • You can design your own program from start to finish. This includes specific fields of study for placements, special academic assessment facilitation, custom program dates and length, custom amenities and services, and the location of your choice.
  • You can opt to have the program be faculty-led, allowing a faculty member to travel over with your students to host lectures to enhance the internship experience.

Finally, we continually work to maintain high program standards and make improvements where necessary.  We allow for student evaluation and feedback regarding all aspects of programming.  In addition, we consult numerous international education and internship organizations for the best practices in experiential learning and study abroad programming through memberships and participation with NAFSA, the Forum of Education Abroad, and the Global Internship Congress.

For more information on custom internship programming, please contact Barbara West by email at or by phone at 1-800-980-0033, extension 105.


Custom Semester Abroad Models

Available in: Pacific Region – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji; Asia – China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand; Europe – Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and all United Kingdom Countries (England, Scotland, Wales)

Semester abroad programs can also be designed for groups of students, allowing the ability to create a study experience unique to your institution. It could be for any student at your institution or can be an opportunity for certain groups such as specific majors, honor’s programs, or athletic teams and has the potential to raise the profile of your program and institution in the eyes of prospective students. These programs can be faculty-led or direct-enroll to a particular university.

Examples include a four-month faculty-led semester program in Australia in Environmental Science for St. Olaf College, and a three-month faculty-led semester program on Pacific Studies in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for Georgia Tech University.


Why Work with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad for your Custom Program?

We believe we are the right partner for you to put your program together – in any academic area. Here are reasons why you should consider us for your customized program:

  • GlobaLinks Learning abroad is NOT a travel agency – we are an academically-focused education provider that puts the academic needs of your program first. While we can and do offer all of the logistical, touring and cultural components your program needs, we have linkages to over 60 global universities, as well as faculty and industry experts to make your program dynamic and substantive that travel agencies and tour companies cannot.
  • Expertise in the regions we serve: GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has sent nearly 30,000 college students abroad since our inception as AustraLearn in 1990. We know our destinations inside and out and have in-country office and support staff that will make your program a success.
  • All custom programs are all designed by highly-experienced staff who have many years of expertise designing programs in the Pacific, Asia and Europe, and working with our partner universities, tour operators and suppliers in these regions to get you exactly what you want to make your custom course a success.
  • Programs that combine academic, cultural and touring aspects: We believe that any customized short-term program should be a mix of academic rigor, cultural immersion in the host country, and touring or visiting unique places of interest in the country(ies) you want your program to go.
  • Comprehensive In-country support: Your leaders and your group are taken care of from the time you arrive through to the time you depart for home. Our staff meets you upon arrival, provides an orientation to your group, provides maps, cell phone and logistical support throughout your time overseas, and is available 24/7 to you for any needs or emergencies.
  • Cost and flexibility: We are very cost-competitive with our custom specialty programs, and will work with you to get the program you want at the price that meets both your needs and that of your students, with infinite options available to suit all tastes and budgets.


Download our Custom Programs Brochure or request one by mail