Curriculum Integration

Working with Faculty: GlobaLinks Learning Abroad as Your Academic Partner

At GlobaLinks Learning Abroad we go beyond direct promotion of programs to students and education abroad offices. We are committed to being your academic partner and specialist, working with your office, faculties and academic advisors to find matching institutions, programs and curricula that ultimately enable more of your faculty to become vested in international education and more students to have international experiences, even in traditionally hard-to-move majors.

We are committed to focusing on academics, whether it be helping your students find the right academic program match for them, our overseas Academic Mentors program, or partnering with faculty to help them become your allies in promoting quality education abroad opportunities for students.


Curriculum Integration - Two Universities Strive for International Education Options Tailor-Made for Students in Highly Structured Majors - October 2010

We do this in several ways:

  • Our Curriculum Integration Partnership program, in which we will match your academic department curricula with that of our partner overseas universities. We can help match broad majors such as Business, Communications or Psychology, or majors that traditionally participate less in study abroad such as Nursing, Health Sciences or Engineering, just to name a few. We offer this service for ANY academic major, no matter how niche, on your campus.
  • Custom Designed, Faculty-Led Short Course programs. We work with universities and colleges of all sizes to develop customized faculty-led programs throughout Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and countries throughout our suite of country offerings with AsiaLearn in any academic area. Learn more>
  • Customized Internship Programs. In addition to faculty-led programs, our customized services extend to internship programs, where we can create an internship program in Australia or New Zealand for students in a specific faculty or academic department. Learn more>
  • Study Abroad Guide for Academic Advisors. We've created this guide to help academic advisors work with study abroad offices to increase their knowledge of, and student participation in, international education. Download guide>
For more information on any of these programs, contact Steve Luther, Manager of Faculty and Academic Outreach.