Academic Credit Transfer and Grade Conversion

Credit Transfer 

The academic credits taken abroad will issued on an official university transcript from the host institution, unless noted differently in the program materials. While GlobaLinks Learning Abroad provides the academic record, it is up to the home university to determine how the credits earned abroad are going to transfer back to a student's academic record.


GlobaLinks Learning Abroad requires approval of subjects prior to the commencement of the semester. This is essential for advising on appropriate academic selections, as well as course prerequisites, additional course fees and, where appropriate, course pre-registration. As students are directly enrolled in an overseas institution, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad cannot guarantee the availability, admittance or registration to any subject. If a student has a specific course requirement, it is essential for he/she to start his/her application early and inform their GlobaLinks Learning Abroad coordinator of the academic requirements.


Grade Conversion 

The grading system typically works on a strict bell curve and students are expected to perform a great deal of independent study in order to achieve high marks. In general, students should be prepared for some difference between the overseas and the U.S./Canadian academic systems and be aware that students may experience a period of adjustment. Transcripts from our international partners may look quite different than a typical U.S. or Canadian transcript. 


Suggested grade conversion charts can be found for all programs by clicking here.