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Discovered the Hospitality of Malay people and great food!



Semester Abroad: Spring 2009

Host University: Swinburne University of Technology - Sarawak (SUTS)

Why did you choose to study abroad in Malaysia and at SUTS?

I chose to study in Malaysia because it was easy to transfer credit points across to my degree and because I needed a change from home. I looked into the campus and Borneo in general and looked like a really good chance to have a change, travel and meet new people.

Describe your study abroad experience. What did you learn, gain, like, and dislike?

My experience so far has been excellent. Learning about the different ways of other cultures and I especially love the cheap travel, it is really easy to travel around East Malaysia and there are some beautiful places here. Kota Kinabalu, Mulu caves and Bako National park are all excellent affordable destinations that are easy to visit during the mid semester break. I love meeting all the new people. I haven’t disliked anything so far.

What was the best aspect of studying abroad in Malaysia?

The best aspect is the travel and all the people. I have met so many locals as they are really friendly and inviting.
It is also a really good place to start an Asia trip. It is cheap to fly to the rest of Asia from here after the semester end.

What are some of the interesting cultural differences you discovered while living in Malaysia?

The food is an obvious one. And the way they all try and get you to buy their bus ticket or boat ticket etc. was interesting, all fighting and trying to offer the best bargain. Price setting by the government to eliminate competition was also another interesting thing.  Also everybody is really, really friendly. People you just meet invite you to dinner. You don’t get that sort of thing from everybody back home.

What was the key thing you got out of your study abroad experience?

Life experience. Traveling, meeting new people, and taking on the challenges and great experiences that come with living in a different culture and embracing it all.


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