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London, England

flight discountWith over seven million people, three hundred languages and 500,000 years of history, you’ll never be short of things to do in London.

While studying abroad in the London area, you will have time to discover many of London's secrets and surprises. The city is packed with museums, art galleries, theatres and historic buildings.

The city's main geographical feature is the Thames River, which divides the city roughly into north and south. London's Underground railway (The Tube) makes this enormous city relatively accessible. Most of the important sights, theatres, and restaurants lie within The Tube's Circle Line, which encircles central London just north of the river.

London is one of the world's biggest and most vibrant cities. The multicultural population offers cuisine of all flavors, as well as many other exciting foreign influences. Turn the corner, and you'll be amazed at the old historic architecture of many castles, cathedrals, and statues that are scattered throughout the city.

The outlying neighborhoods of London provide a comforting escape from London's constant bustling. Many, including Kingston-Upon-Thames, are an easy train ride from downtown London, so you can experience all the big city has to offer but also enjoy the more affordable and relaxing environment of the city's outskirts.


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Kingston upon Thames, home of Kingston University's main campus, is a historic market town with attractions old and new. Visitors have long favored Kingston for its attractive riverside location, proximity to beautiful Royal parks and its excellent shopping.

The town was first recorded in an Anglo Saxon Charter in 838 and then in 946, when it became the venue of a number of councils and coronations, cited by King Egbert as ‘the royal town where kings were hallowed’.

Royal Kingston is one of only four Royal Boroughs and the town’s long and proud association with royalty dates back to Anglo-Saxon times when seven kings of Wessex were crowned here. King John is believed to have built a residence at Kingston and a 13th century column, outside Kingston Library, is reputed to have come from this building.

Kingston continues to be a thriving place in which to live, work and learn. A large student population brings a youthful vibrancy to the town center.

Kingston-Upon-Thames City Guide

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