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Two $3,500 Scholarships Available for International Business Summer Short Course in Australia!

Two students on the International Business short course will be awarded $3,500 AUD scholarships to help cover the cost of program fees. These scholarships are supported by the University of Melbourne. Applications will be available after acceptance.

This two week program, offered through The University of Melbourne and GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, is designed to develop broad, integrated knowledge of international business practices and skills needed to work in global companies. Students will acquire insight into the social, cultural, political, and economic factors that influence business in the global environment, while gaining an introduction to the important role that Asia-Pacific countries play in the world economy.

Let Us Help You with Curriculum Integration on Your Campus

Through our Curriculum Integration Partnership service, we will research and hand-select programs to match your curriculum needs in any field of study within our won wide range of program sites. Through this research, we will recommend a good fit for your students and help you publicize and enroll for the program. Our dedicated staff will provide you with course descriptions, a host university overview, and a multitude of other necessary details to enable you to engage and talk with your academic departments about study abroad. All other services of the program remain the same, from application management to on-site housing and care. The significance of this opportunity is to help grow education abroad at your campus so that you can reach more student and serve their interests most effectively.

Student Insurance Update

We include comprehensive international health insurance through HTH Worldwide including political security and natural disaster evacuation coverage with DRUM for all Semester/Year Abroad, Internship, and Short Course programs. These are included in the program fees for the Semester/Year Abroad, Internship, and Short Course programs and is mandatory for each program participant. We are pleased to advise that we have had the following increases in the coverage limits for the programs commencing in 2013.

  1. $500,000 Medical Expenses
  2. $250,000 Repatriation
  3. $10,000 Bedside Visit
  4. All Risky Activities Covered
  5. $10,000 Home Country Coverage

Please visit our website for comprehensive advice about the HTH Worldwide.

Featured Staff Member: Ignacio Palacios

Ignacio PalaciosIgnacio is our Resident Coordinator for programs in Madrid, Spain. Through our Discovery Model, Ignacio provides an array of discovery activities and suggestions for students during their time abroad. He is also always available for student support. Ignacio has been living in Madrid for several years. Previously he studied at the University of Oviedo and also spent two semesters at the University of Sheffield in England. Ignacio has worked in the education sector for many years in charge of Spanish-Canadian ESL summer camps and coordinating Canadian counsellors and teachers in Spain. Ignacio has a passion for traveling and has visited many different countries. Learn more about our in-country team in Spain>

Discovery Profile: Amber Gore in China

Featured Student Amber Gore“I would say to students who are African American or other races: Don’t be scared,” Amber says. “China’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I don’t want anybody to be afraid.”

The stares. Now those took some getting used to for Amber Gore, a Bloomsburg University student who studied abroad as a junior in 2009 at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China.

Gore, from Harrisburg, Penn., is of African-American descent. So she knew before she boarded the plane to China that she’d stand out in the crowds there with her dark skin, natural hairstyle and larger physique.

In fact, her Chinese teacher at the time gave her some advice. “He said, ‘they might stare at you.’”

But it took awhile after she arrived to absorb the culture shock of the large numbers of people turning their gaze in her direction, elbowing each other, and pointing at her just about everywhere she went. Sometimes the local people took her picture without asking, or referred to her as “the negro,” a term she found stunning at first because it is “so 1950s” in the United States.

“Someone can tell you a million times what something is going to be,” she says, “but you really have to experience it for yourself.” 

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We are excited to announce the launch of an advisor webinar series focusing on our internship programs.  Each month we'll be covering a different topic that relates to how we can help you offer international professional and academic experiences for your students. The first webinar is entitled "The Global Career-Building Experience" and will provide you with an overview of our new internship programs. The webinar will take place at 12 pm MT (11 am PT, 1 pm CT, 2 pm ET) on Thursday, December 13th. To sign up, please click here.

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We are happy to announce our fees for internship programs starting January - June 2013.  As a reminder, all fees now include housing. View all fees here.

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