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University in the Spotlight: Utrecht University

Dare to Excel: Follow your ambition at Utrecht University

Utrecht University offers a high-quality academic environment in which inspiring and committed academics share their knowledge with inquisitive and ambitious students. Students of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds are trained to work in an international environment. A growing number of students from abroad are attracted to Utrecht University thanks to the University’s extensive range of degree programs and its outstanding international reputation in various research areas. Students study topics from an international perspective - a must for scientists and scholars in an increasingly globalized world.

Focus in Research

Drawing on the foundation of its focus areas, Utrecht University continues to build an integrated approach to addressing scientific and societal problems. This is why the university has opted to increase its research focus and to connect scientific excellence and fundamental research with a societal charge. By choosing four strategic research themes the university brings together knowledge from different disciplines.


How do we achieve the transition to a sustainable society in terms of energy, water, climate and urban environment? For these questions we need knowledge that encompasses the broader relationship between the development of population size, water and food provision, ecosystems, cultural values orientations, consumption and production patterns, technology development and ways of organizing collaboration between disciplines.

Life Sciences

Avian flu, pig flu, the greying of the population and antibiotic-resistant hospital bacteria are among the challenges facing society that call for new drugs and new technologies. Through its research in the field of life sciences like cancer research, regenerative medicine and stem cell research and the approach of ‘public health-one health’ and enabling technologies, the university contributes to solving challenges of this kind.

Youth & Identity

The Utrecht approach in this theme is to look at this area from different perspectives, for example from the angle of social sciences, behavioral sciences, neurosciences and humanities. Research in this priority area focuses on the development of young people in a greatly changing, global society.


This theme focuses on the design and workings of rules governing social and economic activities. It is the workings of these formal and informal rules, and of the concomitant organizations, that determine the quality of a society. How should these rules be shaped in order to move closer to the desired result? Under what circumstances do they have the intended effect? Which organizational forms are successful and ensure enduring prosperity, equality and democracy?

A Research Institute: The Molengraaff Institute of Private Law

The Department provides education in the field of Private Law and carries out research in the field of European private law. It is the ambition of the Molengraaff Institute to ensure the highest possible quality in education every year. There is a strong interaction between teaching and (international) research. The institute covers subjects in the field of: civil law, commercial law and private international law, comparative law, notaries & & family law. Furthermore, the Centre for intellectual property law (CIER) and the Utrecht Centre for European Research into Family Law (UCERF) are part of the Molengraaff Institute. The research is groundbreaking, not only because the European and comparative law perspective provides important contributions to the solution of societal bottlenecks, but also because new research fields and methods are used, which generate a lot of new knowledge. Furthermore, the Molengraaff researchers broaden their perspective in the the research program entitled: Interdependence of Private Law: Between and Beyond National, European and Legal Borders. This research program raises a number of key questions and hopes to generate creative answers to several legal issues concerning the dynamics of the ever expanding internationalization and Europeanization of private law.


Scholarship / Funding: Whitaker International Program

Initially funded by the Whitaker Foundation, the Whitaker International Program is managed by the Institute of International Education (IIE) and supports international collaboration in the growing field of biomedical engineering. For all levels of emerging bioengineers, from undergraduates to post‐doctorate degree‐holders in biomedical engineering, the Whitaker Program provides U.S. citizens and permanent residents the opportunity to undertake activities overseas directly related to the field.

The award covers travel, living expenses, and tuition for Fellows and Undergraduates (partial or full, depending on the host university). Projects are implemented worldwide, including countries where EuroScholars exists.

Deadlines: 3rd Monday in January for Fellows and Scholars Program, early February for Summer Program, October and March for Undergraduate Program.

For more information visit www.whitaker.org.

2012 Rankings

According to the latest information from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012-2013 and the Shanghai Ranking /ARWU 2012 , the ranking of the European participating in the EuroScholars program are as follows:

  THE Shanghai / ARWU

Karolinska Institutet

42 42

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munchen

48 60

KU Leuven

58 101 - 150

Leiden University

64 73

Utrecht University



Universität Heidelberg



University of Amsterdam


101 - 150

University of Zurich



University of Helsinki



University of Geneva



Universitá degli Studi di Milano

251 - 275

151 - 200


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The MidStay program for the upcoming Fall 2012 will be organized by the University of Geneva and will take place from Wednesday 8 November – Friday 9 November 2012. As the consortium will have its annual meeting at that time, students will be able to meet representatives of the other European EuroScholars members.

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