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NAFSA 2012 – Visit Us at Booth #’s 1419 & 1234

We are excited about NAFSA in 2012!! Not only is it always a great opportunity to visit with all of our North American and Overseas partners in one (very large) room, but this year our very own Cynthia Banks is the Conference Chairperson! This may mean that Cynthia, who has been the Executive Director of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad for 22 years, will be a bit busier this year than most, but you will be able to track us down this year at our booth in the Exhibit Hall, #1419.

In fact, this year you can also find members of the GlobaLinks Learning Abroad team at our second booth, Career Building Internships in China, at booth #1234. The staff at this booth will represent both GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, and our partner for internships in Asia, Next Steps Connections, and are there to talk to you about our exciting new internship opportunities in China, as well as other destinations in Asia, the Pacific Region, and now Spain. Stop by for a visit and learn how we can help you build your own custom-internship program overseas!

Finally, this year our new partner in Spain, Active Learning Abroad, will be attending the conference with us, and available at the main GlobaLinks Learning Abroad booth (#1419) to talk with you about these exciting new opportunities for your students!! If you would like to arrange a meeting to learn more, contact us and we will get it on the calendar.


Advisor Open House Opportunity in Denver July 19, 2012

This July we will host our bi-annual Advisor Open House in Denver. This event provides you with the opportunity to meet our staff personally and get the answers to those questions you have always wanted to ask in person. We will help you with the airfare and local transportation to/from the airport for this one-day event, so if you are interested in learning more, contact us or your Regional Director for more information.


Assistance in Advising for All Academic Areas

We here at GlobaLinks Learning Abroad recognize that each day you see students in your office from a variety of academic areas, and that each academic area brings with it its own set of challenges. Did you know that you and your students have access to a variety of tools that we have designed in order to make it easier to find those elusive academic matches? The GlobaLinks Learning Abroad Website features a wide variety of specific academic pages for students studying anything from Engineering to Tourism, or Dance to Animal Science. To find more information, visit the ‘Programs by Major’ page on our website. We also offer Academic Postcards with specific information on over 20 common – and not-so-common academic areas. Contact us today to request a set of postcards for your office, staff, or peer advising team!


Highlighted Resident Coordinator:

Molly Scanlon, Resident Coordinator - Adelaide, Australia

Hi there! My name is Molly and I’ll be your Resident Coordinator in Adelaide. I know Adelaide isn’t the biggest, busiest or most famous city in Australia, but it is still an amazing place to be and the perfect destination your semester abroad! I have lived in Adelaide for 5 years as a student at Adelaide University and absolutely love it. In my spare time I enjoy drinking good coffee at one of the many cafes, climbing the locally-famed Mt Lofty, visiting the beach, and exploring the Adelaide Hills. I did a degree in Arts majoring French language and am currently finishing my Law Degree.

Adelaide has such a great vibe, it is easy to get around, cheap to live in, and is always buzzing with activities and adventures. It takes 15 minutes to get anywhere- the city, the beach, the hills; the options are endless.

The University of Adelaide and University of South Australia have campuses are in the city so you are only ever steps away from the vibrant heart of Adelaide. There are also many parks and gardens for you to stroll through, or beaches for you swim or surf at- I guarantee you won’t find yourself at a loose end! I look forward to being a part of your Australian journey!



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